American Council of Learned Societies: Luce/ACLS Collaborative Grant in China Studies

ACLS is offering a new collaborative grant for innovative pilot activities that initiate long-term transformative change in the field of China Studies.

Applicant groups may apply for a grant of up to $150,000 to design and pilot activities that solve specific, pressing challenges in the field over a 12- to 18-month period. The collaborative grant will serve to test and refine promising solutions; to produce recommendations for those activities to be adopted at scale in universities and colleges; and to identify strategies for long-term sustainability. Outcomes may include a pilot program, a new cross-institutional network, a plan for scaling and/or sustainability, or a white paper.

Prospective applicants should review the Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies page, the 2023 China Studies in an Uncertain Age report, and the recently launched China Digital Archives Mapping Project to understand the goals of the program, the needs of the field, and the activities ACLS is already undertaking.

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals in response to prompts found on this page under “project guidelines”.

To be eligible:
Project teams may comprise up to six members.
The project’s principal investigator must have a PhD in the humanities or interpretive social sciences or equivalent AND be based at an institution (e.g., college, museum, university, library) in the US or Canada.
Project teams must represent more than one institution. Preference will be given to groups that include:
Scholars in both well-funded institutions and institutions facing financial or other institutional constraints (evidence of which includes no sabbatical or leave policy and teaching loads greater than 2-2).
A range of academic constituencies as relevant (e.g., administrators, adjunct faculty, language training specialists, graduate students, librarians, experts on digital humanities, pedagogy, etc.)
Scholars working at universities in countries outside the United States.
Members from different backgrounds, cultures, and any aspects that make one unique. In China studies we seek balance in regard to national origin, educational background, and current university affiliation, as well as in disciplinary approaches, topics, and historical periods studied.