American Federation for Aging Research: Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Postdoctoral Fellowships in Aging / Discovery Award (multiple opportunities)

The mission of the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) is to support and advance Healthy Aging through Biomedical Research. The foundation has announced the following open call for proposals:

Glenn Foundation for Medical Research Postdoctoral Fellowships in Aging Research
Deadline: Letter of Intent due January 25, 2024
This program was developed to provide support for postdoctoral fellows (MD, MD/PhD and PhD) who specifically direct their research towards basic aging mechanisms and/or translational findings that have direct benefits to human aging and healthspan. Postdoctoral fellows at all levels of training are eligible. Up to ten one-year fellowships of $75,000 will be awarded in 2024.

Glenn Foundation Discovery Award
Deadline: Letter of Intent Due February 15, 2024
The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research (GFMR) in collaboration with the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR), has established the Glenn Foundation Discovery Award. This Award was created to support research projects with strong potential to develop pioneering discoveries for understanding the underlying biological mechanisms that govern normal human aging and its related physiological decline. Relevant proposals from any branch of biology are eligible. This funding program specifically seeks to include principal investigators who may not have previously worked in the area of aging, but whose research and expertise are applicable to understanding the biological mechanisms of normal aging and its relevance to age-associated health decline.

Projects that characterize aging as a disease, or that focus on specific diseases are discouraged unless the research plan provides direct connections to the biology of aging and/or the prospect of a translational discovery relevant to improving human healthspan.

Up to two three-year awards will be made in 2024. Each award is for $525,000 payable in annual installments of $175,000 per year, of which a maximum of 8% may be used for indirect expenses or institutional overhead (not to exceed $12,963 per year).

Recipients of this award are expected to attend the combined AFAR Grantee Conference and Glenn Workshop on Biology of Aging. The purpose of the meetings is to promote scientific and personal exchanges among recent AFAR and GFMR grantees and other invited scientists in aging research.

Please contact Sara Salmon if you are interested in applying to these opportunities.