American Otological Society Research Foundation: Clinician-Scientist Award

The purpose of the American Otological Society (AOS) Research Fund is to encourage and support academic research in sciences related to the ear. All of the AOS grant awards may involve research on any topic related to ear disorders. The research need not be directly on an otological disease but may explore normal functions of the cochlea, labyrinth, or central auditory or vestibular systems. However, the applicant must describe how the proposed research will benefit our understanding, diagnosis or treatment of otological disorders.

Faculty (MD), typically at a junior level who are aiming to develop a career as a clinician-scientist are encouraged to apply.

Candidates for this award must: 1) hold or be approved for full-time university faculty appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor in a department or division of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery; 2) be citizens of the United States, or have been lawfully admitted for permanent United States residency at the time of application; 2) hold a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or equivalent degree from an accredited institution awarded within the last 10 years; 3) have completed an ACGME-approved otolaryngology residency program; and 4) have demonstrated the capacity or potential for a highly productive, independent research career with an emphasis in otology/neurotology.

The AOS Clinician-Scientist and his or her mentor(s) are encouraged to use preliminary research results from this award as pilot material for the development of a research grant application to a suitable funding agency. Specifically, this grant mechanism is designed to permit the budding clinician-scientist adequate time and mentoring to accrue preliminary data to successfully apply for a K08/K23 grant from the NIH. Therefore, individuals who have already competed successfully for a career development award from a private or Federal funding agency are ineligible for this award program. The grantee may not receive concurrent research salary support from other agencies or sources during the period of this grant. Accordingly, funding from the AOS will be terminated once the Clinician-Scientist secures Federal funding for a Career Development Award.