Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation: Investigator Initiated Research Grants

Letters of Intent (LOIs) are being solicited for research and development on anesthesia patient safety that is related to identifying the causes of preventable injuries and errors. Research proposals will be evaluated primarily for a potential contribution to patient safety, and subsequently for scientific merit, feasibility, and applicability. Based on the APSF’s Scientific Evaluation Committee’s evaluation of these LOIs, a limited number of applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal.

This program’s objective is to stimulate and fund studies that will clearly improve patient safety and lead to prevention of mortality and morbidity resulting from anesthesia mishaps. Potential areas of research include a wide variety of safety patient topics.

Clinical and educational research and development in anesthesia patient safety. SeeAreas of Research for more details.

Awards are made to a sponsoring institution, not to individuals or departments. Any qualified member of a sponsoring institution (hospital, university, clinic, etc) in the United States or Canada may apply.

Maximum award of $150,000. The maximum indirect cost rate is 15% of total direct costs and must be included in the total $150,000 maximum award.

While projects that promise improved methods of patient safety with a defined and direct path to implementation into patient care settings are encouraged, of equal importance are studies of problems for which deeper understanding is needed before effective solutions can be applied.

Innovation and creativity are strongly encouraged, as are cross-disciplinary research teams. Because the resources of APSF are limited, priority will be given to topics that do not have other available sources for funding. Junior investigators with strong mentorship are encouraged to apply.