Arthur Vining Davis Foundation: Grants in Interfaith Leadership and Religious Literacy

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation aims to fund organizations and projects across the nation that advance religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes.

The Interfaith Leadership and Religious Literacy Program Area seeks to support organizations that promote religious literacy and create opportunities for courageous multi-faith conversations and collaborations.

As one of the most religiously diverse nations in human history, the United States faces the challenge of nurturing an increasingly religiously pluralistic society while also moderating religious tension. Achieving these twin goals requires Americans to embrace a deeper understanding and appreciation for religious traditions other than their own, and to cultivate opportunities for collaborations and friendships across religious divides.

While the Foundations is open to any funding request aimed at advancing the goals outlined above, proposals are especially encouraged concerning the Areas of Focus: Religious Literacy through Digital Media, Collaborations between Campus Student Groups, Religious Literacy through Religious Publications.

Grants typically range from $100,000-$300,000, although the Foundations will entertain larger requests. See the listing of previously funded projects.