Bezos Earth Fund: AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge

The AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge is a global $100 million initiative from the Bezos Earth Fund. The Grand Challenge is exploring new ideas for multiplying the impact of climate and nature efforts using modern AI. The first round of awards will focus on sustainable proteins, power grid optimization, and biodiversity conservation, in addition to embracing visionary wildcard solutions for climate and nature.

To create and scale new solutions, we need to incentivize partnerships across experts in climate, nature, and AI. Through the Grand Challenge, these collaborators have an opportunity to bring speed, scale, accuracy, and precision to their climate and nature efforts by proposing, designing, and deploying modern AI solutions. Targeted funding — combined with access to mentorship and other in-kind resources — can incentivize collaboration, stimulate innovation, and nurture solutions that might not otherwise exist.

The first round of the Grand Challenge invites grant proposals from eligible organizations: U.S.-based 501(c)(3) entities and global academic institutions. In keeping with the Bezos Earth Fund’s commitment to equity and access, eligible applicants may collaborate with organizations all over the world to develop their proposals. Proposals from non-affiliated individuals are not eligible.

During the first phase:
Potential applicants will have access to a virtual information session, webinars introducing AI and discussing the focus areas, and a collection of curated resources as they develop their proposals.
A submission should articulate the proposed solution and the problem it addresses, the near-term and long-term impacts the solution will have, the potential for scaling the solution, the resources needed for development, and the approach to responsible development of the solution.
Phase 1 submissions are due by 5:59 p.m. Eastern Time (9:59 p.m. UTC) on Tuesday, July 30. Applicants must accept the Grand Challenge Agreement to submit a proposal.
An expert review panel and multidisciplinary judging panel will evaluate submissions according to Phase 1 selection criteria. Based on their evaluation, judges will recommend up to 30 awardees.
The Bezos Earth Fund will determine the final slate of Seed Grantees. After completing a Bezos Earth Fund grant agreement, each Seed Grantee will receive $50,000 and an exclusive invitation to participate in Phase 2.