Brain & Behavior Research Foundation: Young Investigator Grants

The BBRF Young Investigator Grant program offers up to $35,000 a year for up to two (2) years to enable promising investigators to either extend their research fellowship training or to begin careers as independent research faculty.

The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research. The foundation invests in the most innovative ideas in neuroscience and psychiatric research to better understand the causes and develop new ways to treat brain and behavior disorders.

To be eligible:
You may only apply twice for your first BBRF Young Investigator Grant.
If you have previously received a BBRF Young Investigator Grant, you may only apply once more for a second BBRF Young Investigator Grant.
You may only be awarded a total of two BBRF Young Investigator Grants.
If you are an assistant professor who is currently or has been a principal investigator (PI) on an NIH R01 Grant (or equivalent national/international; non-mentored award), you are now ineligible to apply for a BBRF Young Investigator Grant.
Some disorders such as Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease are supported by BBRF only if primary psychiatric disorders are included in the research design. Transdiagnostic designs involving several disorders are welcome.
See the Foundation’s Face Sheet application requirement for more information.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.