Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Collaborative Projects to Advance Imaging

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invites applications for grants to support collaborative projects aimed at accelerating the dissemination and adoption of imaging technologies, methods, platforms, or training resources.

According to CZI, Imaging ecosystems are highly fragmented, which slows the spread and adoption of imaging hardware and software technologies, methods, and data. While the quickly growing worldwide imaging community is beginning to collaborate to develop new technologies and resources that can benefit the broader ecosystem, many of these projects are supported by dedicated volunteers and operated without dedicated funding.

To broaden the impact of these efforts, CZI invites applications for new and existing collaborative projects to reduce imaging ecosystem fragmentation and accelerate the spread and adoption of technologies, methods, or training resources. Project proposals must be submitted by an imaging scientist who is a faculty member (research or tenure track) with at least one co-principal investigator (PI) and no more than ten co-PIs. “Imaging Scientists” might be engineers, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, or biologists who have focused on technology development in either light or electron microscopy, medical imaging, or data analysis fields, or work at the interface of biology, microscopy hardware and imaging software at an imaging core facility. Cross-institutional applications are strongly encouraged. Funds can be requested in one or more of the following categories:

Validation and dissemination of new imaging technologies: Collaboration between technology developers and imaging scientists to test and validate new imaging systems and/or to adopt new imaging platforms at imaging cores.

Building capacity: Developing frameworks (e.g., websites or coordinating organizations) that enable collaborations in the imaging community and online platforms to exchange methods, tools, and protocols.

Training and education: Organizing in-person or online courses on imaging for biomedical researchers and train-the-trainers programs, implementing and adapting new media for training and education, and developing teaching materials or courses for researchers who are starting their careers as imaging scientists.

Selected projects will be funded for two years. Grantees will work toward completion of a collaborative project and specify metrics that will be used to evaluate the project’s success. Example metrics include the number of researchers using a new technology, the number of participants for a training or a workshop, or the number of attendees at a meeting.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.