Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Health and Disease Data Insights Grants

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) seeks applications for projects that aim to use and gain insights into health and disease from existing single-cell datasets to help accelerate progress toward challenges associated with the compilation and exploration of large atlas-scale data. Given the growth of single-cell biology and the rapid increase in available data, CZI is looking to support projects that will advance the fields of single-cell biology and data science. Grantees will be expected to interact with a network among participating groups that builds community and accelerates progress. Applications are encouraged from computational experts outside the field of single-cell biology but with expertise relevant to overcoming current bottlenecks.

Projects may include dedicated efforts to refine existing computational tools, benchmark classes of tools, improve standards, integrate available data that enables greater biological insight, develop new features that support interoperability of data or tools, and other major challenges brought forward. This request for applications is the first of three cycles planned for the coming years, with successful projects receiving 18 months of funding support.

Applications for two types of grants are welcome and will be reviewed independently. The maximum budgets for proposed projects are $400,000 total costs for Expanded Projects and $200,000 total costs for Focused Projects. All projects awards will be for an 18-month duration. The goal of this opportunity is to create a network of projects that address broad computational challenges and needs within single-cell biology at a variety of scales. If applicants wish to highlight existing or prospective collaboration among projects, that is encouraged and allowable, but all applications will be reviewed for their individual merit and impact.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.