Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Measuring Metabolism Across Scales

This RFA aims to accelerate innovative discoveries in metabolism and metabolic physiology in health and disease. It is explicitly aimed at addressing the mechanisms of metabolism, including its dynamics and resolution, molecular drivers, and the effects of genetic and environmental risk factors on relevant sub-cellular and cellular properties and interactions, and precisely mapping metabolic changes and states across various scales using a broad range of technologies. Projects should aim to use diverse experimental systems beyond immortalized cell lines to ensure the broadest possible insights into cellular and organelle biology.

The opportunity also aims to support new collaborative teams focused on bridging multiple biology fields to accelerate metabolism research and the development of new tools to measure human biology. Teams may include up to a total of three PIs with at least one PI with expertise in metabolism, metabolic reprogramming and/or homeostasis, organelle biology, metabolomics tools, or any other related field.

Grants will be awarded at two levels:
Focused Projects: Exploratory, risky technology development strategies
Expanded Projects: Hypothesis-driven biological questions that rely on applying, scaling and/or improving existing technology to measure metabolism across organelles and cells.
These grants are not intended to support translational research, clinical trials, or drug development.