Gerber Foundation: Pediatric Research Grants

The Gerber Foundation welcomes applications for research projects aimed at identifying solutions to common everyday issues and problems in the field of children’s health, nutrition, and/or development. Research program focus areas identified by the foundation include:

Pediatric Health — Of particular interest are applied research projects focused on reducing the incidence of serious neonatal and early childhood illnesses, or improving cognitive, social and emotional aspects of development.

Pediatric Nutrition — Projects that assure adequate nutrition to infants and young children, including applied research that evaluates the provision of specific nutrients and their related outcomes.

Environmental Hazards (Nutrient Competitors) — Projects that document the impact or ameliorate the effects of environmental hazards on the growth and development of infants and young children.

Major target areas for research include new diagnostic tools that may be more rapid, more specific, more sensitive, or less invasive; treatment regimens that are novel, less stressful or painful, more targeted, have fewer side effects, and/or provide optimal dosing; symptom relief; preventative measures; assessment of deficiencies or excesses (vitamins, minerals, drugs, etc.); and risk assessment tools or measures for environmental hazards, trauma, etc.