John Templeton Foundation: ‘Character Through Community’ Initiative Grants

Through its “Character Through Community” RFP, the foundation seeks to help organizations that are well-positioned to strengthen their understanding and implementation of character development through communities of practice.

By “character,” the foundation means the thoughts, attitudes, and motivations that guide a person’s behavior. These qualities are sometimes called strengths of heart, mind, and will, and include virtues such as gratitude, generosity, curiosity, humility, and self-control.

By “communities of practice,” the foundation means groups that come together regularly to share knowledge, innovate, and solve problems. It is in such communities and in close relationships that people can grow and strengthen qualities of character.

For the purposes of this funding competition, the foundation is most interested in groups that impact at least a thousand individuals. Members of communities that fall into the Character Virtue Development Department’s key priorities — education, faith communities, parent/primary caregiver organizations, and organizations in the City of Philadelphia — are especially encouraged to apply.