Klingenstein Philanthropies: Transformation of Mental Health Care Program

Klingenstein Philanthropies are soliciting applications for academic investigators conducting research to demonstrate the benefits of novel ways to access or deliver mental health care or prevention approaches that can be implemented at scale. This application is specifically for high quality research that builds upon promising pilot work and will lead to a larger demonstration project. Requests for service projects and applications that primarily focus on expanding services or measuring quality within an organization will not be reviewed.

In particular, Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation is interested in improving access to high quality mental health care and prevention for children and adolescents through the use of novel models or promising approaches, including expanding the number of professional and paraprofessional treatment personnel who are trained to deliver mental health services, delivering care in non-psychiatric settings (e.g., primary care, schools, home, or other novel settings), digital technology (e.g., the internet, apps for cell phones), and approaches that help parents access care for their children.

The primary outcomes of the project include improved access and/or reduced time to service delivery, or implementation outcomes such as stakeholder involvement, acceptability, feasibility, and fidelity. Primary outcomes should demonstrate that the project is being designed for scalability. Secondary outcomes include clinical or functional outcomes that are likely to improve when access to care is enhanced, such as decreased symptoms, burdens and maladaptive behaviors associated with mental health problems; improved educational, relational and health outcomes; or enhanced youth and family functioning.

Please review eligibility and guidelines on this RFP.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.