Life Sciences Research Foundation: Life Sciences Research Grants

The Life Sciences Research Foundation aims to identify and fund exceptional young scientists at a critical juncture of their training in all areas of basic life sciences.

LSRF award provides three (3) years of support to a named postdoctoral researcher at a non-profit university or research institution. The award is paid to the non-profit university or research institution where the researcher is carrying out their project and is solely for the benefit of the named researcher. It is not a gift or donation and should not be classified as such.

You must meet ALL of the following requirement to apply for an LSRF award. There are no exceptions to the eligibility requirements.
U.S. citizens are eligible to work in any geographic location. Non-U.S. citizens must work in a U.S. laboratory to be eligible for an award.
Applicants must apply within 5 years of receiving their PhD (or MD/DVM whichever was awarded later) as of October 1, 2023. If you received your PhD (or MD/DVM) before October 1, 2018, you are not eligible to apply. You may apply before defending your thesis, but must have your PhD (or MD/DVM) degree by the time the award is activated on August 1st, 2024
You must have begun (or will begin) working in your proposed postdoc lab between August 1, 2022 and July 31, 2024.
The application requires a letter of acceptance from your proposed postdoctoral supervisor (the Principal Investigator of the lab where you will conduct your postdoctoral training).
You must complete your postdoctoral training in a lab different from that of your graduate (thesis) lab. Applicants planning to remain in their thesis labs for the duration of their postdoctoral training period are NOT eligible. Remaining in your thesis lab for a few weeks or months after receiving your degree, before moving to your postdoc lab, is acceptable.