March of Dimes: Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Research Award

The March of Dimes Basil O’Connor Award supports outstanding researchers who are embarking, or continuing, on their independent research careers in conditions that affect the health of a woman’s pregnancy and/or mothers and newborns within the first year postpartum.

Recipients for this award are conducting concerted translational research in line with their personal and professional interests that will one day grow into a body of distinguished work that sheds light on the U.S. maternal fetal health crisis. Named in honor of the first MOD Chairman and President, this award is comprised of a $150,000 grant over a two-year period. It prioritizes investigators proposing to conduct impactful research studies that will advance our translational understanding of, or lead to improved clinical treatment of, any serious medical conditions that affect the health of a woman’s pregnancy or the health of mothers and newborns in the first year postpartum.

Reflective of the MOD mission, applications should focus on preterm birth and health equity. They should clearly outline a path from discovery to functional studies to clinical translation, with the eventual goal to cure or greatly mitigate conditions that adversely impact the health of pregnant women and newborns.

This award is open to MD or MD/PhD applicants should be four to nine years past the last year of clinical training required for medical specialty board certification and must hold a full-time tenure-track faculty position (or equivalent) at their current U. S. based institution. Those who have previously submitted an application to the Basil O’Connor program are not eligible for resubmission.