Ploughshares Fund: Projects to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Ploughshares Fund is looking for any project that makes progress on nuclear issues toward the eventual elimination of weapons. Projects may cover a wide range of subjects and produce varying outputs. To improve the long-term health of the nuclear policy community, the RFP is focused on providing support for a stronger and more diverse pipeline of leaders who are new in their careers and/or new to the nuclear field, and widening the network of voices working together to eliminate nuclear weapons, with an emphasis on supporting grassroots and frontline community leaders.

Projects submitted for consideration should meet the following criteria:

The project should demonstrate a connection to or rationale for how it either advances nuclear weapons issues (such as, but not limited to, arms control, disarmament, the impact of nuclear weapons production or use on Indigenous and other frontline communities, environmental impact, current nuclear policies or posture, or nonproliferation); or changes the environment surrounding nuclear weapons issues (such as the internal transformation of nuclear policy civil society institutions).

The project should fit within one or more of the following areas of focus: challenging racism and white supremacy in nuclear policies and institutions; building actionable connections between nuclear weapons issues and other issue areas (such as climate, labor, immigration) to address militarism’s influence on foreign and domestic policies, globally; and examining and dismantling the military-industrial complex.

The project should work to address the current diversity and equity imbalance in the nuclear field and amplify and expand the use of an intersectional lens in nuclear issues. This can be demonstrated through project staff composition or through the project goals.

Please contact Daniel Hadley if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.