Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Addressing Structural Barriers to Economic Inclusion for Children and Families

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation seeks efforts to bring to life a vision of a new social contract for children and families–one that recognizes our collective interdependence, the need for shared prosperity, and the inherent value and dignity of all families and children–to truly promote the health and wellbeing of children and families above all else.

The foundation will fund projects that address structural issues that hinder children and families from thriving in our economy. They are interested in frameworks, ideas, models, or approaches that demonstrate an alternative economic vision that positions families at the center–challenging the idea that the value of families can only be understood in connection to work or production. The foundation is looking for creative solutions and alternatives that address structural or systemic issues that impact families having the resources they need to thrive.

Through this program, the RWJF aims to:
1. Support a more expansive or provocative understanding of our economy by accelerating the visibility, uptake, and learning from promising new ideas, frameworks, models, or approaches that target structural racism in the economy and that drive resources to children and families.
2. Contribute to an evidence base that expands understanding of what it looks like to have the wellbeing of children and families prioritized in our economic decisions.
3. Elevate promising and innovative models, their connections to current approaches, and how they might demonstrate a path forward from incremental improvement toward systems transformation.

This request for proposals is not intended to support programs, services, or interventions that address individual
behavior for families to access resources within the existing economic system, nor basic safetynet issues (e.g., financial coaching, literacy programs, access to food relief). RWJF explicitly seeks efforts to transform the experience of families–their ability to sustain their families through full participation in the economy and related social systems.