Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Evidence for Action: Indigenous-Led Solutions to Advance Health Equity and Wellbeing

The purpose of this call for proposals (CFP) is to support Indigenous-led systematic inquiry to enhance the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples and generate approaches to improve health equity. This will be achieved by funding community-prioritized investigation, elevating and integrating Indigenous cultures and knowledge-building practices. To support a diverse range of projects tailored to different phases of development and scope, awards will be made through two tracks:

Track 1: Initiating and Developing Research Capacity and Infrastructure
There is not an explicit budget cap for awards funded under this track, but we expect that grants will be in the approximate range of $100,000–$400,000 total. We anticipate much of the grant duration to involve relationship-building, trust development, and community feedback processes. Proposals must demonstrate a clear plan for ongoing and sustained collaboration and continued work with newly engaged partners.

Track 2: Supporting Later-Stage, Sustained Research Efforts
There is not an explicit budget cap for awards funded under this track, but we expect grants will be in the range of approximately $500,000–$750,000 total. We expect project teams to demonstrate established, equitable partnerships with Indigenous communities who can begin testing a solution or strategy as part of their project.

Preference is for award durations between two and three years (24–36 months), but durations of up to five years (60 months) will be considered with reasonable justification.

Eligibility and Selection:
Preference will be given to applicant organizations that are Tribal entities (including those that are state recognized, federally recognized, or have no formal recognition status) or Indigenous-Serving Organizations, including Urban Indian Organizations. Applicant organizations must be based in the United States or its territories.
RWJF strives to support research teams with diverse lived experiences, including diversity of lived experiences related to race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and seniority. We particularly encourage the following individuals to apply:
Project directors who are American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, or otherwise Indigenous to the United States or its territories;
Researchers from organizations that are underrepresented among RWJF grantee institutions, including Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), Alaska Native-Serving Institutions, Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions, Asian American/Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions, and other Indigenous-Serving Organizations; and
First-time applicants for an RWJF grant.
Applicants who have been or are currently RWJF grantees are eligible to apply.

Only one organization may serve as the lead applicant.

For Track 1, this must be a Tribal entity or Indigenous-Serving Organization.
For Track 2, this is not required to be a Tribal entity or Indigenous-Serving Organization.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.