Simons Foundation: Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) Targeted Grants to Institutes

The Simons Foundation’s Mathematics and Physical Sciences (MPS) division invites applications for the Targeted Grants to Institutes program.

The program is intended to support established institutes or centers in mathematics, theoretical physics and theoretical computer science through funding to help strengthen contacts within the international scientific community. Our aim is to enable institutes to extend and enhance their missions; this program will not provide primary support for operating or establishing an institute.

The funding provided is flexible and based on the type of support requested by the institution in the proposal. Please see the Simons Foundation’s grant policies for further guidelines.

Applications may be submitted by established U.S. and foreign public and private educational and nonprofit institutes and research centers. The program is not intended to support institutes or centers whose main purpose is to provide a focal point for research of faculty at a specific university. This program will not support national labs, or the equivalent, with a primary focus on experiments.