Wellcome Trust: Climate Impacts Awards: Unlocking urgent climate action by making the health effects of climate change visible

Wellcome Trust aims to make the impacts of climate change on physical and mental health visible to drive urgent climate policy action at scale. They will support transdisciplinary teams to deliver short-term, high-impact projects that maximise policy outcomes by combining evidence generation, policy analysis, engaged research approaches and communication strategies.

The foundation will fund projects that generate context-specific evidence using community knowledge and experiences to deliver actionable policy outcomes that can be scaled to multiple settings. They will prioritise funding for research that involves and serves the needs of communities most impacted by the health effects of climate change, and advances stories and narratives that tend to be absent in the media or underrepresented in public discourse. This will include generating and/or synthesising relevant data and insights (preferably across multiple sites or countries) on significant health issues arising from climate impacts.

They are looking for proposals with a clear theory of change and strong understanding of policy levers. Policy outcomes should be achievable within the award period, innovative in their design and should support meaningful and sustainable change. Proposals should describe the intended policy outcomes and how new insights and effective communication will influence these outcomes.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.