Wellcome Trust: Unlocking Urgent Climate Action by Making the Health Effects of Climate Change Visible

The aim of this scheme is to make the impacts of climate change visible across a wide range of physical and mental health outcomes in order to drive urgent climate policy and practice change at scale. This scheme will fund transdisciplinary teams to deliver short-term, high-impact projects, combining evidence generation with communications and/or public engagement. By engaging decision-makers from the outset we expect that teams will increase the profile of the evidence, advance impactful narratives on the effects of climate change on health and use these to drive urgent policy and practice change at scale.

This will include generating and synthesising evidence (including across multiple sites/countries) on under-researched but significant health issues arising from climate impacts that fill a policy and practice-relevant evidence gap and/or present localising knowledge to specific contexts where evidence is missing. Funded projects should engage affected populations and communities, policy makers and/or practitioners in the framing, delivery, and/or communication of the research.

Wellcome Trust will prioritise funding for research that serves the expressed needs of at-risk populations and communities with high exposure and vulnerabilities to the health impacts of climate change. In this context, vulnerability may result from the intersection of factors such as geography, socio-economic status, demography, gender, race, ability, ethnicity, co-morbidities and occupation.