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Phrma Foundation: Research Starter Grants in Health Outcomes and Translational Medicine (multiple opportunities)

Grant Amount: $100,000 for one year
Deadline: February 1, 2021
Category: Health Sciences; Pharma; Health Outcomes;, Translational Medicine,
Additional Information

Research Starter Grant in Health Outcomes Research
Offers financial support to individuals beginning independent research careers in health outcomes research at the faculty level.

Pharmacoeconomics, Real World Data and Health Outcomes Program (Health Outcomes Research) spans a broad spectrum of issues related to health-care delivery, from studies evaluating effectiveness of a pharmaceutical intervention, to the impact of reimbursement policies on outcomes of care. It also ranges from the development and use of patient-level real-world data and tools to perform patient-based assessments to analyses of ways in which results of Health Outcomes Research are disseminated to providers or consumers to encourage behavior change.

Health Outcomes Research incorporates a variety of methods, data, and tools from different disciplines. The application of Health Outcomes Research principles in evaluating the design, delivery, safe use and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals includes but isn’t limited to the following general areas:
– Pharmacoeconomics
– Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA)
– Patient-level Real-World Data and Analytic Tools

Research Starter Grant in Translational Medicine
Offers financial support to individuals beginning independent research careers in translational medicine at the faculty level.

Translational medicine is a discipline focused on bridging discoveries in experimental and computational research to their application in clinical practice. To be successful, this requires working with clinicians to first identify critical unmet clinical needs. Examples of research may include molecular and cellular biology, pathophysiology, systems biology, bioinformatics, modeling and simulation, and other quantitative sciences that connect basic biological concepts to unmet medical needs. Clinical observation should serve as the basis for hypothesis generation to further basic research and to efficiently advance research results to improve care and management of patients.

The goal of the PhRMA Foundation’s Translational Medicine Program is to promote the development of an integrative approach towards clinical needs in diagnosis, treatment and prevention using both experimental and computational methods. The Foundation believes that, towards this goal, it is critical that researchers collaborate with clinicians to identify critical unmet clinical needs. This can lead to an enhanced understanding of human biological and disease processes but requires a strong translational component that is bi-directional, i.e., starting from bedside to bench. This program will support such approaches to Translational Medicine.

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