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Templeton¬†Foundation: 2019-2023 Strategic Priorities Funding¬†in Science and “The Big Questions”

Grant Amount: Commensurate with project scope
Deadline: Online Funding Inquiry Due August 19, 2022
Category: Philosophy; Religion; Spirituality; Science,
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The Templeton Foundation will support exploration of the nature of religious belief and practice; they will invest in basic scientific research that could shape how we think about human existence; they will encourage theological and philosophical reflection on the fruits of scientific discovery; and ask whether certain virtues such as gratitude, curiosity, and humility contribute to human flourishing.

Across these priorities, the activities the foundation supports will take three distinct but complementary forms: first, research that aims to produce novel discoveries; second, public engagement that promotes dissemination of these insights; and third, programs that investigate intellectual humility and encourage its practice by fostering curiosity, open-mindedness, and civil dialogue.

Altogether, the foundation’s investment in these 12 priorities will account for 80 percent of grantmaking over the next five years in the Science & the Big Questions funding area, totaling approximately $325 million. At the same time, they will continue to accept innovative proposals that do not fit into these priorities in our Open Funding Track.

The12 strategic priorities for 2019-2023 are:

  • Dynamics of Religious Change
  • Intellectual Humility
  • Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Religious Cognition
  • Health, Religion & Spirituality
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Science of Character Virtue
  • Science of Purpose
  • Public Engagement
  • Science-Engaged Theology
  • Programs in Islam
  • Programs in Latin America

Please contact Daniel Hadley if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.

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