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Open Philanthropy: Growing a Community of People to Improve the Long-term Future of Youth

Grant Amount: Commensurate with Project Scope
Deadline: Rolling
Category: Quality of Life; Youth,
Additional Information

Open Philanthropy is currently seeking proposals from applicants interested in growing the community of people motivated to improve the long-term future via the kinds of projects described below:

1) Programs that engage with promising young people
OP is seeking proposals for programs that engage with young people who seem particularly promising in terms of their ability to improve the long-term future (and may have interest in doing so). Examples include aptitudes for conducting research, advancing into top institutional roles, founding or supporting organizations, communicating ideas, and building communities of people with similar interests and goals, among others. Downstream, OP hopes these individuals will be fits for what they believe to be priority paths for improving the long-term future, such as AI alignment research, technical and policy work reducing risks from advances in synthetic biology, career paths involving senior roles in the national security community, and roles writing and speaking about relevant ideas, among others.
OP is interested in supporting a wide range of possible programs, including summer or winter camps, scholarship or fellowship programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, and retreats.

2) Projects aiming at widespread dissemination of relevant high-quality content
OP is also seeking proposals for projects that aim to share high-quality, nuanced content related to improving the long-term future with large numbers of people. Projects could cover wide areas such as effective altruism, rationality, longtermism, or global catastrophic risk reduction, or they could have a more specific focus. They are interested in supporting people both to create original content and to find new ways to share existing content.
Potential project types include:
YouTube channels
Massive open online courses (MOOCs)
New magazines, webzines, blogs, and media verticals
Books, including fiction
Strategic promotion of existing content (with the permission of the creators of the content, or their representatives), especially those that have historically drawn in promising individuals
If interested in one of the project types above, submit a brief pre-proposal here. Open Philanthropy will reach out if they are interested to learn more about your project. Open Philanthropy is open to and encourages highly ambitious proposals for projects that would require annual budgets of millions of dollars, including proposals to scale existing projects that are still relatively small.

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