Foundation Fellows

The Foundation Fellows program aims to build and enhance the capacity of U faculty to identify and qualify potential private sponsors for support, leverage central U foundation relations resources, cultivate relationships with foundation staff, develop and refine compelling letters of inquiry (LOI) and proposals, and to successfully solicit support for their scholarly, research, and/or academic work from foundations.

Faculty participants are awarded $3,000 to support their research and scholarly activity. Award funds are intended to support the generation and refinement of individual ideas—whether through meetings with foundation staff, travel to engage with peers or attend conferences, or in other creative ways faculty members come up with.

Over the course of the seven-month cohort program each faculty fellow works closely with other faculty participants and with the program staff to develop, refine, and submit at least one major proposal ($100k +) to one or more foundation sponsor(s). Fellows meet with program staff as a group once per month in a two-hour weekday session, usually over breakfast or lunch.

The program will not launch a new cohort in the 20/21 academic year.  Cohort 4 is scheduled to run concurrent with the 21/22 academic year.

Cohort 4 Timeline

  • August 2021: Application window opens for faculty in all units. Applications may be submitted using the InfoReady system.
  • September 2021: Online application submission closes.
  • October 2021: Cohort invitees are selected and notified.
  • November 2021 to May 2022: Fellows meet once per month in a two-hour cohort session with program staff.

Program Alumni

Since 2017 the U's Foundation Fellows program has supported exceptional faculty spanning a wide-range of disciplinary and departmental homes. These researchers and scholars have secured more than a dozen new awards from a wide range of public and private sponsors -- exceeding a ROI of 100:1.

Erin Castro

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy

Luisa Whittaker-Brooks

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Danny Chou

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Rebecca Utz

Associate Professor, Sociology

Philip Osteen

Associate Professor, Social Work

Tracy Frech

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine

Sara Simonsen

Associate Professor, Nursing

Jeff Rose

Assistant Professor, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Jesse Graham

Associate Professor, Management

Jake Abbott

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Brittany Coats

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Maile Arvin

Assistant Professor, History and Gender Studies

Claudia Geist

Associate Professor, Gender Studies

Claudio Holzner

Associate Professor, Political Science

Kim Korinek

Associate Professor, Sociology

Karen Tao

Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology

Jeremiah Jaggers

Assistant Professor, Social Work

Minna Roh-Johnson

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

Cliff Rosky

Professor, Law

Steve Burian

Professor, Civil & Env. Engineering

Jeff Robison

Assistant Professor, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Michelle Litchman

Assistant Professor, Nursing