Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Freeman Hrabowski Scholars Program

Freeman Hrabowski Scholars program supports outstanding basic researchers, including physician-scientists, who have strong potential to become leaders in their fields and to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through their mentoring efforts and understanding of systemic exclusion and marginalization in science of trainees from different backgrounds. Scholars prioritize scientific excellence in their own research while creating an inclusive lab climate that serves as a model within their own institutions and beyond.

Scholars are appointed to a five-year term, renewable for a second five-year term after a successful progress evaluation. Each Scholar receives up to $8.6 million over the ten-year period, including full salary, benefits, a research budget, and scientific equipment. They also participate in professional development to advance their leadership and mentoring skills. The 2025 competition is open to individuals who:
hold a PhD and/or MD (or equivalent)
began their first post-training position and a tenure-track (or equivalent) faculty position on or after March 1, 2020, or have accepted an offer for a tenure-track (or equivalent) position that begins no later than March 1, 2025
maintain a tenure-track appointment or equivalent at an eligible US institution (federal government employees are not eligible)
have a research focus in the biological and biomedical sciences, working across many scientific disciplines in a wide range of organisms
are authorized to work in the US or can obtain work authorization for the duration of employment (HHMI sponsors visas for eligible individuals)
This is an open competition and there are no limits on the number of applicants or Scholars from an institution.