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Hevolution Foundation: Postdoctoral Training in Geroscience Program (Biology of Aging or Geroscience)

Grant Amount: $75,000 annual salary allowance (up to 4 years), plus $7,000 research support, $6,000 childcare support
Deadline: October 30, 2024
Category: Aging; Geroscience,
Additional Information

Hevolution Foundation Postdoctoral Training in Geroscience (HF-PTG) is an international pilot initiative from Hevolution Foundation to increase, retain and diversify the number of postdoctoral trainees in healthy aging research, to foster scientific exchange between the US, Canada, UK, and Europe, and to further our mission of “Extending healthy lifespan for the benefit of all humanity”. The major goal of this initiative is to identify and support outstanding PhD and MD/PhD students transitioning into postdoctoral training positions in biology of aging and/or geroscience. HF-PTG will provide funding for postdoctoral fellows to conduct high-quality research and receive comprehensive mentoring and training in order to successfully launch careers in aging research. The applicant is required to develop a research plan which focuses on strategies to improve healthy aging by addressing basic principles of aging biology and geroscience. Research plans with a clinical focus such as the diagnosis or treatment of disease, involvement in a clinical trial, or social context of aging are not eligible. HF-PTG is a research-focused fellowship.
Therefore, this initiative will support research approaches that address:
Basic research on the hallmarks of aging, including topics such as fibrosis, organelle dysfunction, the microbiome, and other areas identified as drivers of the aging process.
Geroscience research with a clearly defined path towards clinical relevance, including preclinical studies on in vivo and in vitro models.
The maintenance and/or improvement of molecular and cellular mechanisms during aging.
The annual salary allowance is set to $75,000 USD. An annual increase of 2% in the salary for subsequent years (years 2-4) will be applied but is subject to the approval of scientific progress and financial reports by the foundation. In addition, overhead/indirect costs of up to 8% of the total fellowship amount are allowed (see FAQ for more details).

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