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Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative: Pathways to Genetic Therapies Program

Grant Amount: Between $200,000 and $400,000, inclusive of 20 percent indirect costs over 2-3 years
Deadline: July 6, 2021
Category: Autism; Genomics,
Additional Information

SFARI welcomes applications to its 2021 Genomics of ASD: Pathways to Genetic Therapies program. Grants awarded through this call are intended to advance the understanding of the genetic basis of ASD and the molecular and cellular consequences of genetic risk, and to provide a foundation for the development of treatments for select genetically defined forms of the condition.

SFARI seeks proposals in three broad areas of ASD genomics: 1) risk gene discovery and systems biology; 2) functional analysis of variants associated with ASD risk genes; and 3) gene-targeted therapies. Successful proposals with a focus on the first two areas will likely involve large-scale analyses.

Special emphasis is placed on the use of scalable methods, especially as applied to genes that are suitable targets for genetic therapies.

To be eligible, applicants must hold a PhD, MD, or equivalent degree and have a faculty position or the equivalent at a college, university, medical school, or other research facility.

Please let Lynn Wong know if you are planning to apply for this opportunity.

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