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Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Investigator Program in Basic and Biomedical Research

Grant Amount: $8 Million over seven years
Deadline: March 21, 2023
Category: Biomedical Research; Basic Science,
Additional Information

The HHMI Investigator competition is open to basic researchers and physician scientists from more than 300 eligible institutions who catalyze research in basic and biomedical sciences, plant biology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, chemical biology, biomedical engineering, and computational biology.

In addition to conducting original research, HHMI Investigators also:
Direct a research team and create a lab environment suited to tackling fundamental research questions
Commit to mentoring and training the next generation of scientists
Join an active community of HHMI scientists spanning career stages
Teach and play leadership roles at their host institutions
HHMI Investigators do research that radically changes our understanding of how biology works, from molecular, biochemical and cellular processes to genetics, development and disease mechanisms, in a wide range of organisms.

In general, to be eligible for the Investigator program, applicants must:
Have a PhD and/or MD
Plan to dedicate at least 75% of their time to research at an eligible US institution
Hold a position that represents substantial commitment by their institution, such as a tenure-track faculty position
Have a track record of peer-reviewed funding
Meet the required length of post-training, professional experience prior to applying
Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.

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