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WITH Foundation: Healthcare Equity for Women With Disabilities

Grant Amount: Up to $50,000
Deadline: August 19, 2022
Category: Developmental Disabilities, Women,
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The WITH Foundation promotes comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities in the United States.

To that end, the foundation has issued an RFP supporting healthcare equity for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Grants of up to $50,000 will be awarded to support collaborative proposals that support projects that foster healthcare equity for women with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Proposals should use one of the following approaches:

Implementation: Support implementation of models, i.e., projects that support community-based PCPs in providing care to women with I/DD;

Educational resources: Develop additional educational resources for Primary Care Providers regarding the experiences of women with I/DD; and

Research: Support regional or national research on the care that women with I/DD receive from Primary Care Providers.

A secondary goal of this RFP is to foster new partnerships or significantly enhance existing partnerships between disability organizations, advocates, community organizations, and healthcare providers. Projects that intentionally address the experiences of Black women with I/DD, women of color with I/DD, and other historically excluded perspectives within inclusive gender-based and gender-affirming care are also encouraged.

Examples of projects that could be supported through this RFP include (but are not limited to): the implementation of service delivery models that support women with intellectual and developmental disabilities in receiving optimal primary care, gynecologic health care, reproductive choice, long-haul COVID-19 care, etc.; development of curriculums, training programs, and educational materials that focus on the needs and experiences of women with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and regional or national research related to the care that women with I/DD receive from primary care providers.

Please contact Gwen Allouch if you are interested in applying for this opportunity.

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