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Amazon Web Services: Diagnostic Development Initiative

Grant Amount: Up to $20 Million over 2 years
Deadline: December 31, 2021
Category: Diagnostics; Disease Detection; Genomics; Infectious diseases,
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Through the initiative, AWS will award $20 million over two years in support of research and innovation that accelerates the understanding and detection of COVID-19 and helps mitigate current and future infectious disease outbreaks.

To that end, AWS is offering AWS Promotional Credits and technical expertise to support the use of AWS services for projects by selected institutions and companies in four program areas: early disease detection, diagnostics, prognosis, and public health genomics. Given the need, the emphasis initially will be on COVID-19, but AWS will also consider applications for other infectious diseases. AWS will not support administrative workloads associated with routine IT operations through this program.

Eligible applicants include accredited research institutions, research consortia, nonprofits, and private entities that are AWS customers. Individuals who apply must apply on behalf of their organization and not in a personal capacity.

Please let Lynn Wong or Gwen Allouch know if you are planning to apply for this opportunity.

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