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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Data Visualization of Structural Racism and Place

Grant Amount: Typically range from $100,000 to $250,000
Deadline: June 2, 2023
Category: Health equity; racial equity,
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Data has been instrumental in increasing understanding of the concept of place and its impact on health inequities—how the distance of a few miles can mean a 10-year drop in life expectancy is a tangible reference point used by many today.

Based on the difference data visualizations have made in showing the connections between place and health, RWJF is seeking new efforts by interdisciplinary teams to create data visualizations of the impacts of structural racism on communities, so they may be used to communicate data clearly in advocacy for health and racial equity. A combined total of up to $2 million is available to up to 8 teams that each consist of:
Researchers/data producers,
Data scientists,
Communications experts,
Designers, and
National social change networks/alliances or
National-level social change organizations
Collaboration across sectors is essential for success, since many perspectives are needed to effectively communicate the nuanced and varied impact structural racism has across a community—from physical aspects such as water infrastructure and parks to more social aspects such as a feeling of belonging.

Please contact Lynn Wong or before applying for this opportunity. The University may only submit one application. The VPR Office is currently building an internal competition to make our one allowable institutional selection.

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