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Emergency Medicine Foundation: Research Grants (multiple opportunities)

Grant Amount: See below, Between $50,000 to $250,000
Deadline: February 5, 2021
Category: Health Sciences; Emergency Medicine,
Additional Information

Mid-career Research Development Grant – $250,000
This grant is intended to provide “bridge funding” which may serve to help sustain a successful line of research that has reached the end of a funding period or support a new research direction for an established mid-career investigator. The goal of this grant is to fund work that will meaningfully impact emergency care research and is intended for a broad audience, including both clinical and basic science fields researchers.
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Early-career Research Development Grant – $150,000
The Early Career Research Development grant is designed to provide junior faculty applicants with an opportunity to participate in a well-delineated career development plan (e.g., didactics, mentored meetings, and obtaining an advanced degree) and design and develop a project that will permit them to apply for extramural funding. This grant is intended to assist the awardee in developing a path towards an independent research career and successfully compete for extramural funding.
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EMF/ENAF Health Disparities Research Grant – $50,000
The purpose of the The Emergency Medicine Foundation and Emergency Nurses Association Foundation Health Disparities Grant is to promote collaborative research that improves health care access, delivery, utilization, quality, and outcomes of those affected by health disparities, including racial and ethnic minority populations; non-English speaking populations; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) populations; persons with limited health literacy; socioeconomically disadvantaged populations; and other groups impacted by health disparities.
Proposals are encouraged that propose or lay the groundwork for emergency department-based interventions that produce actionable evidence or generalizable and reproducible findings to improve health outcomes for
disparities groups.
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Pilot Project Grant – $50,000
The goals of the EMF Pilot Project Grant are to 1) promote research within the specialty of emergency medicine by providing funding for a “starter” or “pilot project” that will produce findings that ultimately lead to a larger project (e.g., K or R grant) and 2) advance emergency medical care. The research may be in the basic sciences or any other emergency medicine-related filed and have the potential to have a meaningful impact on patient care and/or future research.

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