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Brain & Behavior Research Foundation: Young Investigator Grant

Grant Amount: Up to $70,000 over two years
Deadline: March 25, 2021
Category: Health Sciences; Neurology; Neuroscience,
Additional Information

The BBRF Young Investigator Grant program is intended to facilitate innovative research opportunities and supports basic, as well as translational and/or clinical investigators. All research must be relevant to our understanding, treatment and prevention of serious psychiatric disorders such as: schizophrenia; bipolar; mood and anxiety disorders (for a complete list, see the front page of the application); or early onset brain and behavior disorders.

In addition to supporting the full ranges of relevant neurobiological and psychobiological basic science, we also support clinical science, which can include careful studies using qualitative research approaches or research generating preliminary data to explore a new hypothesis generated by clinical experience or large sample studies. The BBRF Young Investigator Grant is not sufficient to support expensive large sample patient-based studies but it may be possible to attach a study to a clinical project already under way or for which other funding has become available.
Some examples of preliminary clinical studies include:
1. Support for an add-on study to identify a biomarker in the context of an ongoing clinical trial.
2. Determining if a computer-based cognitive or other remediation enhances effectiveness of cognitive agents.
3. Proof of principle study to see if efficacy is detected with a new treatment.
4. Testing a novel hypothesis within an already established data set.

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