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Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative: 2021 Human Cognitive and Behavioral Science

Grant Amount: Up to $750,000 over three years
Deadline: May 3, 2021
Category: Health Sciences; Neuroscience,
Additional Information

The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) is pleased to announce the launch of the Human Cognitive and Behavioral Science program, a new annual request for applications (RFA) developed to recognize the importance of, as well as the unique challenges associated with studies that directly involve individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

For this RFA, SFARI prioritizes science that produces foundational knowledge about the neurobehavioral differences associated with ASD and directly informs the development or refinement of tools needed for translational efforts, such as biomarkers and outcome measures. Special emphasis is placed on objective, quantitative measures that may be used in conjunction with standardized clinical measures and genomic information to better triangulate phenotypic and neurobiological variability within and across individuals with ASD. In particular, we encourage studies that capitalize on approaches to behavioral analysis that are informed by recent advances in computer vision and machine learning, as well as psychophysics and non-invasive neuroscience techniques (e.g., EEG and MRI).

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