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American Academy of Sleep Medicine: Strategic Research Awards

Grant Amount: Up to $250,000
Deadline: Letter of Intent Due November 30, 2020
Category: Health Sciences; Sleep; Insomnia; Apnea,
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The Strategic Research Award is investigator-initiated and supports high-impact research projects aimed at addressing gaps in knowledge that impact the ability to provide optimal, patient-centered, cost-effective diagnosis and care for patients with sleep disorders. Interest areas include artificial intelligence, hypersomnia, hypopnea scoring criteria, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, pediatric sleep medicine and health, population sleep health, polysomnography and home sleep testing, rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder and other parasomnias, and high impact research.

Category I supports projects up to $250,000 of up to three years.
Category II supports projects up to $100,000 of up to two years.

Funds can be used for research expenses such as salary support (commensurate with current stipends or salaries), supplies, participant costs and institutional overhead. Indirect costs are capped at 8%. The award is a contract between the AASM Foundation and the awardee’s institution.

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