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The New York Stem Cell Foundation: Robertson Stem Cell Investigator Award (early career)

Grant Amount: $1.5 Million over 5 years
Deadline: February 17, 2021
Category: Health Sciences; Stem Cell,
Additional Information

NYSCF is soliciting applications from early career investigators for Innovator Awards to be used for exploring the basic biology and translational potential of stem cells. The goal of this initiative is to foster bold and innovative scientists with the potential to transform the field of stem cell research, and advance understanding and use of stem cells in the development of treatments for human disease.

New this year, NYSCF has a renewed focus on supporting scientists who have just started their independent laboratories and strongly encourages candidates seeking to secure their first major grant funding as an independent investigator. NYSCF is also eager to diversify the institutions supported through these grant awards and strongly encourages candidates from a wide range of geographies and institutions around the world to apply.

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