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March of Dimes: Discovery Research Grants

Grant Amount: $200,000 over two years
Deadline: September 6, 2024
Category: Maternal Fetal Health,
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March of Dimes Discovery Grants cycle is now open. These grants are for established scientists with a long history of published work in the maternal fetal health and related fields.They are awarded to seasoned researchers seeking to make consequential translational discoveries that will drastically alter clinical care for pregnant people and babies, whether through evidence-based prevention, diagnosis, or intervention.

Discovery Grants are given to researchers with inquiries that have the power to drastically reshape outcomes for families across the US and strike a decisive blow against the maternal and infant health crisis. The proposed research should focus on one of these priority topic areas:
Spontaneous preterm birth – This topic focuses on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders leading to spontaneous preterm birth. Proposed studies must have the potential to improve clinical care to prevent adverse maternal and child outcomes.
Racial inequities as they relate to morbidity, mortality, and access to care – Research in this topic area focuses on racial inequities influencing the physical, mental, and psychological health of moms and babies. Proposals should produce tangible solutions to improve access to care and health outcomes.
Cardiovascular health conditions developed during pregnancy or exacerbated during pregnancy – Proposed studies in this topic area should focus on cardiovascular conditions that begin, develop, or worsen during pregnancy and identify tangible ways to characterize, prevent, and/or mitigate their development.

All studies must have the potential to improve clinical care and decrease the rate of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality. All topics may include investigations looking at the periods of pregnancy, intrapartum, and up to one year postpartum. Research may include human studies or studies with human tissue or studies at the population level. Models systems research is discouraged, but is eligible if used to validate novel human disease processes. Research proposals may involve information and communications technology innovations. March of Dimes encouragesmultidisciplinary collaborations including those with community-based partners.

This call is open to health professionals, health researchers, epidemiologists, and social scientists with doctoral academic degrees and either a faculty appointment or equivalent at academic universities, hospitals, and research institutions; from those who are employees of small businesses, startup companies, non-profit organizations, or pharmaceutical companies committed to research in the area of maternal and infant health.

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