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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Standard Research Innovation Grants

Grant Amount: Up to $100,000 over two years
Deadline: November 15, 2021
Category: Mental health, Suicide,
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All AFSP research grants are designed to support research on suicide from a variety of disciplines including psychiatry, medicine, psychology, genetics, epidemiology, neurobiology, sociology, nursing, health services administration, social work, and many others. Grants are not intended to support the development or implementation
of organization-specific prevention programs, educational programs, treatments, or other interventions unless they have a significant research component. In that case a study would be welcome, but it must have generalizability beyond the specific institution or program.

Although prior research on suicide is not required, applicants are expected to show evidence of prior research or research training in a related field. These grants are intended to fund new directions and initiatives in suicide research rather than to support the applicant’s existing research. Supplemental grants to larger grant are encouraged if they add a unique study area that can utilize the structure of any existing grant. For example, adding a group with suicidal ideation/behavior, or adding a longitudinal assessment to a funded study.

Grants are awarded to individual investigators at any level.

Please contact Lynn Wong if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.

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Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation: Mental Health Research

Grant Amount: $25,000
Deadline: November 1, 2021
Category: faculty, Mental health, post-doctoral,
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Established in 1993, the Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation supports research that contributes to a greater understanding of and solutions for problems affecting individuals, families, and communities.

To that end, the fund is inviting applications for its Faculty/Post-Doctoral Research Grant Program, which will award grants of up to $25,000 in support of faculty or postdoctoral research. Areas of interest identified by the fund include studies to develop, refine, evaluate, or disseminate interventions and preventive/intervention to address social, psychological, behavioral, or public health problems affecting children, adults, couples, families, and communities with outcomes that have the potential to add to the knowledge base of services and program development. Community-engaged research is highly valued.

Applicants must be a faculty member at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada, and their research must focus on the U.S. or Canada, or on a comparison between the U.S. or Canada and at least one other country. The principal investigator also must have earned a doctorate in a relevant discipline as well as relevant experience.

The fall portal will be open from October 1 through November 1, 2021.

For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation website.

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