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Johnson & Johnson Innovation: Military Community Grants for Lung Cancer and Physical Trauma

Grant Amount: Up to $500,000
Deadline: August 12, 2022
Category: Lung cancer, physical trauma, veterans,
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Johnson & Johnson seeks ideas that aim to directly address the unique healthcare needs of the military community including lung cancer and physical trauma, including:

Lung cancer: New intratumoral agents and localized delivery of therapeutics, such as new approaches including cytotoxic agents with immunogenic cell death activities, immunostimulatory agents, cell therapies, and radio-sensitizers; controlled release and localized depot intratumoral drug delivery technologies such as small molecule and protein and RNA delivery approaches.

Technologies to enable local delivery procedures, such as pre- or peri-procedural assessment modalities for real-time diagnosis or characterization of tumor tissue mechanics and microenvironment; intratumoral delivery devices or accompanying technologies that enable real-time monitoring of administration success and provide visualization of resulting drug location; technologies to plan, deliver, and monitor tailored treatments; and solutions to provide confirmation of treatment delivery and elimination of target.

Physical trauma: Infection prevention and management resulting from open injuries or surgery; advancements in treating physical trauma, including bone regeneration and soft tissue management; and post-operative patient monitoring to enable rehabilitation.

The innovator(s) with the best potential solution can receive grant funding from a total pool of $500,000, access to the global Johnson & Johnson Innovation–JLABS network, and mentorship from experts at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Please contact Gwen Allouch if you are interested in applying to this opportunity.

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